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Prof. John Stairmand, Materials Testing, Testing Capability

“Along with our Alliance Partners we have been carrying out materials and components testing in hostile environments for more than 30 years. That work has consistently been at the leading edge, and several novel test methods have been developed and patented. The launch of the BEIS-funded High Temperature Facility will enable us to provide a new approach to such test work that will benefit the research community and its customers. 

The facility is open access and that will enable visiting researchers to undertake their own test programmes using the new facility, whilst also being assured that high standards of safety and technical quality are achieved through Jacobs management of the facility and its operations. We’re actively promoting the High Temperature Facility use in that mode, and we’re looking forward to welcoming its use by the materials research community.”

Prof. John Stairmand

Technical Director / Chief Scientist

Materials Science and Structural Integrity


HTF Alliance

The HTF Alliance members are Jacobs, UKAEA, EDF Energy, Imperial College London, National Nuclear Laboratory, The Open University, University of Bristol, University of Manchester, University of Oxford and Urenco UK Ltd.


The HTF Alliance offer:


  • the in-depth knowledge of advanced nuclear fission systems design, manufacture, operation and regulation needed to align R&D programmes to establish the innovative experimental rigs required to address priority research challenges


  • the track record in internationally leading R&D in high temperature fission systems (including both Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors (AGRs) and Fast Reactors) and engagement in international programmes to ensure the current capability in high temperature materials is aligned with future reactor systems, and engages early within international programmes


  • experience of solving problems across the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale and helping partners to meet regulatory compliance

  • knowledge and experience of high temperature materials, structural integrity testing, material damage mechanisms and conducting materials testing in novel, demanding environments 

High Temperature Facility Alliance Members:

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EDF Energy
Imperial College London
Univesity of Oxford
The Open University
UK Atomic Energy Authority
National Nuclear Laboratory
The University of Manchester
Battery Local Modular Energy
University of Bristol
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