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The High Temperature Facility (HTF) Alliance has built

an open access materials testing laboratory using

a grant from Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).  

High Cycle Fatigue Test Machine, Instron Electrapulse

The HTF provides open access to research organisations looking to investigate, develop and advance structural materials technology for future systems applications such as Generation IV nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, advanced gas turbine materials and other advanced energy concepts.

The facility draws together the UK’s high temperature materials community.

  • The HTF Alliance has a proven track record in leading international R&D in high temperature applications.

  • The HTF has the latest instrumentation and equipment, supported by a wealth of experience and expertise, generating and interpreting high quality data on behalf of our partners. 


  • Our multi-disciplinary team of researchers from across the HTF Alliance can help research organisations to design bespoke solutions to solve the most complex problems.   

  • Various sectors will benefit from the HTF including nuclear, conventional power and other sectors requiring high temperature testing of materials, especially in novel, demanding environments.

  • The HTF will enable new understanding to be pioneered, predictive models to be developed, and new data to be generated that will underpin the selection, manufacture and performance of advanced materials for future generation technologies.


Warrington, England |

High Temperature Facility Alliance Members:

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EDF Energy
Imperial College London
Univesity of Oxford
The Open University
UK Atomic Energy Authority
National Nuclear Laboratory
The University of Manchester
Battery Local Modular Energy
University of Bristol
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